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company overview

Unity trading is Thai nationality company which concern of Thais customer satisfaction in the segment of Fast Moving Consumer goods. Due to Thailand has a various of customer's purchasing power. Moreover, our company concern about Thais should be access more qualities products from oversea. 


Our main point

We have potential partner with All segment of modern trade ; Hypermarket ; Supermarket ; convenience stores. As well as we have own product which is selling  with Supermarket. So that hopefully our connection will be useful to drive your  product to Thais customer.


Our goal

Our goal is to be the one of importer company which potentially provide and trade quality product to Thailand's market. The expectation of beyond product be able to increase customer's life and drive the higher society in terms of fast moving consumer goods. Our company hope that Thais easily access the qualities product with appropriate pricing. ​

Especially, The main product market where our company is interesting in is Asia country such as Japan , South Korea , Singapore.

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