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Retails is the one of essential business in Thailand that have been with Thais people for a long times. Because it is a store that facilitates the shopping of consumer products. Nowadays, retail stores have evolved along with various developments. And consumer demand until there are many large retailers. There are many types of retail businesses, the main ones can be categorized as follows.

 " Department store , Shopping Mall ,Supermarket, Hypermarket,Specialty Store,

Convenience Store, Mini-mart and Grocery Store "




The big growth segment is also the supermarket. Which targets the middle and upper consumer groups who still have high purchasing power and in another province that is a tourist destination for foreign tourists.The growing segment is Health & Beauty, which is more distinctly fragments into Beauty Store, Drug Store and Health & Personal Store categories. New players There are many increases in the beauty category. Growth is due to the changing lifestyle of the middle class population structure.

Due to Thailand has a various range of purchasing power. Our company be able to corporation in Thailand's market by choosing appropriate  selling channel in both of online and offline. At first , company's direction is trading quality product from oversea's market such as South Korea then sell the quality product in Thailand's supermarket & convenience stores. We have been started from  confectionary or proceed food in category of organic healthy snacks.Then we expanded product in to Kids segmentation such as organics rice snacks, rice pop , fruit dried.

Company Address & Warehouse Address

Address :

25, Soi Bangna 36 , Bangna District, Bangkok 10260

Address :

25, Soi Bangna 36 , Bangna District, Bangkok 10260

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